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Congratulations to REX Chairperson Brent Darden!

"Brent Darden Named Interim President and CEO of IHRSA" - IHRSA August, 2020

REX Objectives

REX is designed specifically for business owners who are passionate about getting better and achieving dramatically better results in four areas:
The performance of their business
Their leadership & management skills
Balance & quality of their personal lives
Personal and corporate relationship to the community

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A REX Roundtable is your personal, advisory board composed of 15-18 smart and successful CEOs who meet regularly to help each other improve the performance of their business and the quality of their personal lives. REX carefully crafts the chemistry of each Roundtable so there are no competitors, strong similarities, yet a broad range of complementary expertise among the members. LEARN MORE

With no competitors in the room, REX creates a climate of exceptional honesty and openness. Members report that the direct, straightforward communication they routinely get from REX is not available to them anywhere else in their work or personal lives.

REX Roundtables for Executives was founded in 1986 by Will Phillips, after a successful career with several international management consulting firms. He was the featured speaker at over 300 Vistage groups in North America, Australia and England.  Will started REX because he realized that Roundtables were a superior way to provide quality, affordable consulting and management support for small and medium sized companies. REX Roundtables is a global organization that runs Executive Mastermind roundtables for business owners and chief executives that share BEST PRACTICES.

30+ Years of Experience

2700+ Clubs Globally
26 countries represented
275 Members worldwide

REX Leadership

  • Eddie Tock


    CEO of REX, Eddie is a gifted professional with more than 30 years of Fitness industry Management...

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  • Brent Darden

    REX Chairperson

    The club industry has labeled Brent Darden a “Texas Talent” and “Industry Treasure” –...

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  • Justin Tamsett

    REX Chairperson

    In 2020, REX Roundtables is pleased to announce the addition of Justin to its REX Chairs team in...

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275 Members   |  26 Countries


Our members share their experiences and touch on the value, comradery and business building results they’ve achieved by being part of REX Roundtables.


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A REX Trusted Supplier has an extraordinarily high reputation with those members for quality, service, responsiveness and finally, take the long-term view of building a strong supplier-club relationship rather than making an immediate sale.