IHRSA & REX RoundtablesWe share a common goal to enhance the business, leadership, and management skill set of fitness industry owners and operators to strengthen the overall industry.

“REX Roundtables is known for their expertise in bringing Industry leaders together with a highly productive networking and learning ecosystem that strengthens professional relationships. IHRSA’s collaboration with REX will enhance a broader sharing of knowledge and expertise that will benefit the entire industry. “

Theresa Duffy
Senior Director Industry Partner Operations, IHRSA

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REX Roundtables have been operating around the world for over 33 years.

Growing competition and a flat economy make it harder to produce a solid profit.

It helps to have a group of like-minded peers who will help you develop a stronger business.

Imagine a small group of your peers-smart leaders in your industry committed to meeting with you 3x a year to help you improve your business and your life—all in an honest and confidential climate.

Scary? At times. Valuable? Absolutely! A community of smart, tough and supportive friends who understand your industry and the challenges of being the leader.

REX has over 300 club owners & executives in roundtables – many for decades. Some are for operators of 1-3 sites, others are multi club owners of 6 to 18 clubs and others for those on the executive teams- Marketing Directors, Sales Managers and Group Ex Directors.

REX forms groups of 15 – 18 owner/executives with the right chemistry. They meet 3x/year for 3 day roundtables, as well as REX zoom calls 1-2x each month and communication through Slack & email. Having no competitors lays the foundation for a high trust climate where members share successes and failures, advise one another, review their plans and even their numbers. Your REX roundtable works in trios between meetings to hold one another accountable and help implement improvements.Meeting 3x/year has allowed these business owners to step outside the industry and their business for the day to plan on how to make their business better. They are designed and driven to become powerful communities of peers devoted to the common purpose of improving the performance of their businesses and the quality of their lives.


◇  Do you ever feel alone at the top?

◇  Do you want ideas on increasing profits? And Learn to reduce costs not value?

◇  Want to reduce headaches and frustrations? – Willing to share?

◇  Ready to learn what you do know you do not know?

◇  Having a group of smart, business peers focusing on my business problems while challenging me to do my best.

◇  Improving implementation accountability?

◇  Comparing my business to others and learning how they do it?



Entrance Requirements to a REX Roundtable

You are your company’s chief decision maker
You operate at least one health club
Open mind to new ideas
Must be willing to share and support fellow REX members

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