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“Growing your Fitness Club with the New Science of Fascia Training” with Bill Parisi

In this session, You will learn about:

  • How modern fascia research is changing the fitness and sports performance industries.
  • The latest evidence-based tools and training strategies for optimizing the body’s connective tissue system used by top teams in the NBA, NFL, and MLB.
  • Practical tips for attracting new members, improving member experiences, and increasing brand loyalty by implementing fascia-aware training at your facility.

Get Instant Access To A REX Roundtable Featured Topic: “Growing your Fitness Club with the New Science of Fascia Training”

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Joining a REX Roundtable is a powerful way to develop leadership within the business and keep your business ahead of your competition.

We are the longest operating and premier mastermind or roundtable program for the International club industry. We have been working with over 275 members accumulating to positively impacting over 2700 clubs, as well as giving the owners and their teams the edge in both work and life!

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The REX Roundtable program may be for you if you are:

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  • Open to exceptional learning and unlearning
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Your REX Roundtable will support, challenge and hold you accountable in a comfortable environment.

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Benefits of REX Roundtables

  • Growth and Profitability. REX Roundtable members consistently outperform their competitors in both growth and profitability by a wide margin..
  • Be Challenged. When you expose your business to a smart group of other owners in your field, they will challenge you to grow and improve in a way no one ever could or would.
  • Be Questioned. Your ideas, plans and decisions are strengthened and improved when they are questioned by other caring, smart thinkers in a climate of respect and trust wrapped around a cloak of complete confidentiality.
  • Be Held Accountable. Most of us are pretty good at coming up with new ideas and improvements for our business. Our failure is often disciplined follow-through. REX members hold each other accountable in a way no one else can.
  • Grow As a Leader and Person. Heart-felt discussions between members, seeing how others run their businesses differently, comparing numbers to see how you stack up, and listening to out-of-the box ideas from other industries all contribute to your growth as a business leader and a person.

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