Why The 'Concept' Of Roundtables Work For Gym Owners
Mary Laudati

As the chair of the REX Sales and Marketing Roundtable for the Health ClubREX Sales & Marketing Industry, I am consistently reminded of the unique power that these gatherings hold. Roundtables are not just about discussing challenges and opportunities; they are about fostering a collaborative environment where industry leaders can share insights, strategies, and innovations in an open and non-competitive setting.

The health club industry thrives on community and connection, principles that are mirrored perfectly in the roundtable format. Unlike traditional conferences or seminars, roundtables allow for dynamic, two-way conversations where every participant has an equal voice. This inclusivity encourages candid discussions and the sharing of best practices that can lead to actionable solutions for common problems.

Moreover, roundtables are instrumental in staying ahead of industry trends. The health club industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, fitness trends, and regulatory changes emerging regularly. By bringing together a diverse group of experts, roundtables facilitate the exchange of the latest knowledge and experiences, helping clubs to remain competitive and innovative.  More importantly – It reinvigorates leaders with new ideas and energy!

Additionally, the networking opportunities provided by roundtables are invaluable. Building relationships with peers who face similar challenges can lead to long-term friendships and collaborations that drive mutual growth. In essence, roundtables are not just meetings; they are incubators for ideas and catalysts for progress in the health club industry. After the meetings, members enjoy the opportunity to sit back, relax and relate and engage on many personal levels.

REX Members share their why Roundtables work for them


I believe that roundtables work because we live, socialize, and work in a world that largely happens behind screens and participating in a roundtable allows you to interact in person in real-time with people who experience the same challenges and frustrations that you do. By having these in-person experiences you’re able to expand your perspective, experience community and support, and better develop your skills sets, network and attitude making you not only better at your job, but a better contributor to the industry!


Being on a roundtable puts learning on hyperdrive. You’re not just absorbing information, you’re collaborating in real-time with the few people in the world who do exactly what you do and share the same challenges. You’re able to learn from their successes and mistakes and get advice from people who do what you do every day. It’s the most valuable career-development opportunity for marketers, period.


The beauty of our Round Tables is that they bring together the experts in the field to share their favorite ideas, success, and challenges.  The more contributors we have, the more ideas we can generate and share – and by doing so we can all be even better fitness club providers/ business owners/leaders!


Roundtables work for me because I don’t know it all and don’t claim to.  There are some amazing people in my group I get the opportunity to learn from and use that information to better myself and my team!


Keeping up with “new” industry developments, peer perspective on the pros and cons of available marketing options.

About REX Roundtables

REX is designed specifically for business owners and executives who are passionate about getting better and achieving dramatically better results. A REX Roundtable is a personal, advisory board composed of 15-18 smart and successful individuals who meet regularly to help each other improve the performance of their business and the quality of their personal lives. REX carefully crafts the chemistry of each Roundtable so there are no competitors, strong similarities, yet a broad range of complementary expertise among the members. Founded in 1989, REX has over 250 members with 2,700+ clubs in more than 25 countries.

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