REX Roundtables Core Values

Each REX Roundtable is built on confidentiality, trust and honesty. These values are reinforced and strengthened by your chair and other members. “Nice” talk is avoided to enable deep sharing of critical information and experience. Each Roundtable creates a safe, high trust community where difficult topics are constructively addressed. REX emphasizes action and implementation.


Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness and can be your greatest strength.
“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen”

Shared Responsibility

Imagine a small group of your peers—smart leaders in your industry committed to meeting with you several times a year to help you improve your business and your life—all in an honest and confidential climate.


Everyone in the REX Community will always help each other to grow their business as well as support them personally


Each REX Roundtable is made up of non competing businesses that share ideas and finances in confidence


REX members grow professionally and personally as a result of being in a REX Roundtable

Rationale for REX

  • Growth and Profitability. REX Roundtable members consistently outperform their competitors in both growth and profitability by a wide margin. For example in the Fitness Industry, the top 25% of REX health clubs are 50 to 100% more profitable than industry averages and other top-performing clubs.
  • Be Challenged. Most of us think we are doing the best we can, but the ugly truth is that over time complacency sets in, and we may adjust our goals down to meet performance. When you expose your business to a smart group of other owners in your field, they will challenge you to grow and improve in a way your employees, consultants or spouse never could or would.
  • Be Questioned. Your ideas, plans and decisions are strengthened and improved when they are questioned by other caring, smart thinkers in a climate of respect and trust wrapped around a cloak of complete confidentiality.
  • Be Held Accountable. Most of us are pretty good at coming up with new ideas and improvements for our business. Our failure is often disciplined follow-through. REX members hold each other accountable in a way no one else can.
  • Be Recognized. You make a stunning accomplishment and your staff says, “Oh, that’s nice.” Only other business owners can truly appreciate your successes and failures. Who else cares if you successfully negotiated a critical lease? It is energizing and deeply rewarding to share your successes, and have them appreciated by your peers.
  • Be Listened To. Many times a business owner simply needs to be listened to as he or she works through a situation or problem by thinking out loud.
  • Be Motivated. Work can be hard. A key staff member leaves, another complains, and then a valued employee jumps to a competitor. To cap it off life on the home front is not quite right and your aging parents require more and more of your attention. In this situation, any leader can lose energy and sometimes even hope. Having a Roundtable means you have a group that commiserates with you, supports you, and boosts you up when you are down.
  • Grow As a Leader and Person. Heart-felt discussions between members, seeing how others run their businesses differently, comparing numbers to see how you stack up, and listening to out-of-the box ideas from other industries all contribute to your growth as a business leader and a person.
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