REX invites a small number of highly trusted suppliers to be sponsors of a variety of REX events and programs. A REX Trusted Supplier has an extraordinarily high reputation with those members for quality, service, responsiveness and finally, take the long-term view of building a strong supplier-club relationship rather than making an immediate sale.

Trusted suppliers benefit REX members in three ways – directly through their product service quality, indirectly by financially supporting the creation and delivery of a set of special REX programs and resources, and finally by mutually referring their very best clients to one another.

REX chairs regularly schedule a trusted supplier to visit your roundtable meetings. Typically the supplier will have about 30 minutes during one of your lunches for conversation about their products and services frequently focusing on what’s coming out next, or general information about what’s happening in their area of expertise. We also invite this sponsor to join us for one of our dinners. As a thank you the sponsor generally covers the full cost of the dinner for all the members.

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