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REX Roundtables For Boutiques Studios

Do You Own A Boutique Fitness Business?
Do You Lead A Team?
Do You Market For Leads?
Do You Have To Make Sales?
Are You Looking To Keep Your Customers?
Are You Looking For Support From Fellow Owners
Who Can Empathise With You?

As a business owner and the leader of your business (or even businesses) it can be lonely making decisions in your own vacuum. Now you can join a REX Roundtable for boutique business owners where you receive peer to peer support from non-competitors to enhance your business, leadership and your quality of life.

John & Cody have agreed to join this new REX Roundtable!

Cyclebar Awards:

  • 2022 Studio of the Year Award
  • 2022 Crushing It! Award
  • 2021 Studio of the Year Award
  • 2020 Studio of the Year Award
  • 2020 Crushing It! Award
  • 2019 Crushing It! Award
John Janszen
Owner of 8 CycleBars

“I’ve been a member of REX Roundtables  for over 20  years. Sharing proven best practices has helped me in so many ways. Today I’m able to gain insight from 17 other owners before I start a new project. Just one example: While starting a Cyclebar franchise we were having trouble with closing. A REX member from my REX Roundtable informed me about transfer of trust and hovering. We used this at our studios very successfully and now the transfer of trust is a Cyclebar best practice.

My only regret is procrastinating on joining REX from my original invite. Literally this cost me hundreds of thousands in unproven ideas.

My secret in one word is REX!”

Why REX Is So Powerful

The 7 key tenants of REX’s success are:

  1. There is more to life than just business
  2. Agendas put together by the members
  3. Open, honest and challenging conversations to get better
  4. Face to face meetings to build trust and connection
  5. Visits to fellow member’s clubs and businesses
  6. No competitors
  7. Looking at consumer trends that impact our businesses

Since the launch of REX Roundtables, we have learned just how much our industry have felt lonely and battled for success in silence.  Bringing together the owners and managers, was hearing a collective sigh of relief and seeing peers support each other with the common goal of getting better.

Best practices is the common thread on all our topics. Marketing successes (or fails) adds immediate value ad does team leadership discussions.  The really interesting discussions occur around sales pipelines, back office efficiencies, and maximising return on investment.

Meet Terry Blachek1 of the 4 founders of Orange Theory,
now with studios in 5 states

Why Is REX Face To Face & Not Zoom?

At REX we know there is so much power to being face to face with each other.

Our REX meeting starts at 6pm on day 1, we meet all day 2 with another networking dinner and finishing at 3pm on day 3. 2 full days when we get face to face the discussions during the meeting, over meals and even while we workout add so much value to your REX experience.

One unique aspect of REX is the bonding of actually being with each other and that cannot be beaten by any digital alternative.

We don’t forget digital with occasional Zoom meetings with guest speakers, specific topics and even working in our “REX Trios.”

Added BONUS – We Never Expected This!

As your REX Roundtable matures, the relationships strengthen. This often leads to lifelong friends who understand you and always want the best for you. In many of REX groups, the bond between REX members is deep, profound and supportive beyond imagination.

Is The REX Roundtable For Boutique Studios For You?

To be honest, we cannot see why it wouldn’t be!
If you’re in the US contact Eddie – for an application form.
If you’re in Australia, contact Justin – for an application form.

Would You Just Like To Chat First?

No problems at all.

US – Contact Eddie on 914 643 3207
Australia– Make a time to chat with Justin, click here to book a time that suits you.

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