REX Silverado RoundtableThe Oldest Industry Peer Roundtable In the Interiorscape industry. Our 28th year!

IMAGINE a small group of your peers—smart leaders in your industry with no competitors — all committed to helping you make the very best decisions; relentlessly advising, coaching, and holding your feet to the fire now and then to improve your business and the quality of of life; helping you think through the tough decisions; giving you honest feedback and supporting you when the going gets tough, all in a confidential and caring climate. Scary? At times! Invaluable? Absolutely!

Having a community of smart, tough, supportive friends who understand your business and care for you will accelerate your success.

Who are the Silverados?Silverados own midsize and large interior plantscaping businesses in North America. No competitors are allowed. They meet twice a year for two days at a time with a third optional meeting which is typically educational. The Silverado Roundtable has the leading interior scaping company from: Boston, Detroit/Bloomfield Hills, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Sarasota, Fort Myers, St. Petersburg, Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Naples, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Having no competitors at these meetings lays the foundation for an extremely high-trust climate where members share successes and failures, advise and support one another. Trios between meetings hold each other accountable with monthly check-ins. Email requests and responses flow continuously between members with questions on personnel, containers, pricing, and vendor sourcing recommendations.

This close-knit group of owners shares their numbers, but is more focused on what drives the numbers . Silverados explore new ways of addressing competition; trade successes on generating new business; have a special salesperson training program; set annual goals and review them at each meeting to hold one another accountable and provide ideas and support on achieving them. Each year Silverados have a theme that members develop and implement in depth.

For instance:
• Managing Human Talent in the 21st Century.
• Learning How to Differentiate in the Marketplace.
• Driving Delegation and Teamwork with Consistent Values.

The climate among the members is one of deep trust. Silverados get to know one another’s businesses, lives, and values in depth. Members challenge one another in a way that only such friends can: to break out of areas in work where they are stuck and see areas where they have a blind spot that is stalling business growth.

What's the Agenda?Each Roundtable meets for two and a half consecutive days, three times a year. Members eat their meals together during each session. This informal interaction doubles the value. Each session is chaired by a master facilitator. The Chair’s job is to orchestrate the meetings and facilitate the right know-how from each member at the right time. At the most teachable moments the Chair provides just-in-time learning, often bringing in their expert perspective on management and relevant knowledge from other industries.

In addition to tackling the opportunities and problems raised by members, Roundtable sessions also have regular activities such as:

Visits to cutting edge clubs and other businesses that are relevant to clubs.

The roundtable focuses on a key aspect of the business like marketing, sales, hiring, or personal training and small group exercise. Members review, critique and improve each member’s approach so that everyone gets the benefit of in-depth learning about what does and does not work.

Members faced with a critical decision present what they intend to do to the group to sound it out and have it challenged and improved.

A standard set of financial and operational performance key indicators are reported on line in a secure place. This allows you to compare your performance against fellow round table members. You can question them about how they achieved their numbers. You will be challenged by your peers to move your numbers up. Each Roundtable shares their numbers every month. Performance is relentlessly pursued and enhanced by sharing best practices.

Two to three hours spent reviewing all aspects of your business including your plans for the future. Your club is reviewed every few years.

Shared in every meeting. This produces a pool of new ideas to draw from.

Created from the challenges and opportunities faced by the members. The chair orchestrates discussion from the group to develop insight, resources and decisions.

Entrance Requirements to a
REX Roundtable

  • You are your company’s chief decision maker
  • Open mind to new ideas
  • Must be willing to share and support fellow REX members

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