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Do You Lead A Team?
Do You Market For Leads?
Do You Have To Make Sales?
Are You Looking To Keep Your Customers?

As a fitness industry supplier or vendor your business faces similar challenges to health clubs and as the leader of the business it can be lonely making decisions in your own vacuum. Now you can join a REX Roundtable for industry suppliers where you receive peer to peer support from non-competitors to enhance your business, leadership and your quality of life.

REX has over 275 club owners in 19 roundtables worldwide, many for decades.

Background to REX Suppliers

In 2019, Emmett Williams, President of Myzone, said to Eddie, “Why can’t we have a REX Roundtable for suppliers?”

There was no reason why we couldn’t and so during the challenges of the 2020-21 pandemic we launched two supplier roundtables. Zoom calls during these turbulent years allowed digital bonding which gave an amazing springboard to our face to face meetings in
2022. In all honesty, the goal was one roundtable but the interest and commitment was overwhelming. So two roundtables launched with Chairs Frank Ancharski and Justin Tamsett.

REX Principles Are The Same

The key tenants of success of REX for club owners and managers, are the same for the Supplier Roundtables:

  1. There is more to life than just business
  2. Agendas put together by the members
  3. Open, honest and challenging conversations to get better
  4. Face to face meetings to build trust and connection
  5. There is more to life than just business
  6. No competitors

Since the launch of the current two roundtables, we have learned just how much our industry suppliers have felt lonely and battled for success in silence. Bringing them together, was hearing a collective sigh of relief and seeing peers support each other with the common goal of getting better.

Best practices on marketing is an often discussed topic, as is team leadership. The really interesting discussions occur around sales pipelines, back office efficiencies, and maximizing return on investment at the various industry trade shows.

Supplier Roundtable Testimonials

Added BONUS – We Never Expected This!

You know what making assuming does, well we just assumed all suppliers knew everyone in the industry. What we learned very quickly they don’t know everyone and they do want to know everyone!
As part of our agenda we have lead sharing. We split this item into 3:

  1. Personnel changes in the industry. We discuss which decision makers have moved or been appointed to brands and clubs;
  2. Introductions To Potential Clients. Who – specifically names of people or brands – do you want to be introduced to by someone on your REX.
  3. You Could Help My Client. This is where a REX member is already working with a club or brand and they think a fellow REX member could help their customer.

This lead sharing in just 12 months for most REX members has covered their REX investment! There is nothing like this in our industry.

Is A REX Roundtable For Suppliers For You?

To be honest, we cannot see why it wouldn’t be!
If you’re in the US contact Eddie – for an application
If you’re in Australia, contact Justin – for an
application form.

Would You Just Like To Chat First?

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