REX Roundtables – VirtualThe success of a REX Roundtable is built on the careful selection of a set of 12 to 18 complementary executive leaders in the club industry, and forcing absolute confidentiality in high trust, interactive and supportive discussions. We need your honest answers to the following questions to determine if you are eligible, and if so, we’ll place you in an appropriate peer group of executives.

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Entrance Requirements to a REX Roundtable

These three qualities are important to the success of every REX Roundtable member. Check each box if you are willing to commit to these three values. *

You’ll be notified about your status within 24 hours. As soon we have an opening you will be notified.

In order to hold your place in line and earn access to your Virtual Roundtable resources, we ask for an initial payment of $500.

If you fail to attend weekly Zoom meetings you will be excused from the group. We will schedule these meetings to match participants personal schedules.

When the United States returns to normal, and travel is allowed, we will expand REX from your online, virtual Roundtable by scheduling 3 regular meetings where will all meet face-to-face.

Each of these will be 2 1/2 days long, and will incur regular REX dues.  *More information available upon application approval.

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